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Amp up your dating game

Just upload a screenshot of a dating chat or profile and Sidekick will do its magic!

Works with all dating apps & messengers

Your Personal AI Dating Assistant

Don’t know what to write to your match? You had enough of unanswered messages or running out of engaging questions? Say hello to captivating conversations. 👋

Sidekick is your AI dating assistant that helps you get amazing dates. Unlock the best pickup lines and witty replies. ⚡️

Feature Highlights

  • Laser-Targeted Pick-Up Lines:

    Sidekick generates custom, charming pickup lines that capture attention, whether you aim to be humorous or heartfelt. Tailored to both your style and your match's profile. Always with Rizz.
  • Clever AI-Powered Replies:

    Our smart tech gives you the perfect replies for smooth chats on Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, WhatsApp and all other dating apps, helping you land more dates. With Sidekick, you'll always know what to say.
  • AI Profile Makeover:

    Upload your dating profile and get constructive, creative feedback to stand out and get more matches. With Sidekick, your profile becomes irresistible.
  • Captivating Questions On-Demand:

    Draw them in with questions that spark interest and get you a date. Sidekick provides the perfect prompts to ensure your chats lead to dates.


How does Sidekick ensure the privacy and security of the screenshots and information uploaded by users?

We recognize the deeply personal nature of your dating data. That's why we're committed to responsibly using your information for service improvement only, ensuring its deletion after a specific timeframe, and strictly prohibiting its disclosure to third parties. Trust in our dedication to protect your privacy, providing a secure environment for your conversations to flourish.

How does Sidekick tailor its AI responses and suggestions?

How does Sidekick handle different languages and cultural nuances in conversations?

What measures does Sidekick take to ensure the generated content is respectful and consensual, aligning with the digital dating etiquette?

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